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Friday October 10, 2008 11:00 A.M. EST.

We have a great speaker for this Lunch & Learn.
Jeremy Allen will be discussing Putting Security Into Your Virtual World.

Presentation  overview :

As virtualization technology grows in popularity, the big question about security is buzzing: "How will this technology affect my existing security posture?" Taking a one-size-fits-all approach is definitely not the answer. Many may think that technology alone is the answer; but it isn't! There are key considerations on this journey and each should be taken seriously: people, process and technology.

            1. Security in a Virtualized World  
            2. Virtualization: The Expanded Attack Surface  
            3. Virtual Machines: The Risks  
            4. Building Security In: People, Process and Technology  
            5. Technology: Defining a Security Assessment Framework  
            6. Looking Ahead: A More Secure Environment  


11:00am Arrival &Networking (Pre- Register for Lunch)
11:30am Speaker Presentation & Q&A
12:30pm Lunch (Sandwiches & soda)
12:45pm Raffle, Chapter Business and Wrap-up
1:00pm Conclusion

Presenter info:

Jeremy Allen, Senior Consultant at Foundstone Professional Services

Speaker Bio:

As a Senior Consultant at Foundstone, Jeremy is responsible for conducting threat modeling, code reviews, reverse engineering and application security assessments. Jeremyís experience at Foundstone is varied and includes helping secure custom operating system kernels, hardware virtualization layers, device drivers as well as stand alone and client/server applications.
For Foundstone, Jeremy has conducted source code reviews in C and C++, Java, PHP and C# including both kernel mode, including virtualization kernels, and application software.
Click here for more information on Jeremy Allen.

About  Foundstone

Foundstonewas formed over seven years ago by the industry leading security experts who first built the network security consulting practices at two Big 6 accounting firms. As an independent firm Foundstone built its reputation as enterprise network security experts through publication of numerous books and articles that enhanced the knowledge base of the network security community. Foundstone's practice includes strategic functions such as overall network security policy development, secure software lifecycle development, patch management program development and other process related program development projects. From the tactical perspective Foundstone will perform in-depth technical testing of networks, applications, and various security related infrastructure components such as firewalls, VPNs, and wireless networks.