Friday July 10, 2009 10:45 A.M. EST.

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We have a great speaker for this Lunch & Learn.

Presentation  overview :

Traditionally, forensic investigators only rely on the evidence that is located on a physical piece of media for their investigative analysis. However, what if a criminal has used a wiping utility to erase all of his internet tracks? Imagine having the ability to run a query to retrieve his web and chat sessions for the last 30 days. Let’s take it step further, having the ability to reconstruct the web and chat sessions that went across the wire to see the traffic as your suspect saw it. Leveraging both host-based and network forensics gives you the ability to see the whole picture.


10:45am Chapter President Message, Sponsor message, upcoming meetings.
10:55am Arrival &Networking (Pre- Register for Lunch)
11:00am Speaker Presentation & Q&A
12:30pm Lunch (Sandwiches & soda) Networking
1:00pm Conclusion

Presenter info:

Kevin Golas

Speaker Bio:

About  AccessData

AccessData is a digital forensic and eDiscovery software development company.
AccessData has pioneered digital investigations for over twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower corporations, law enforcement, and government agencies to perform thorough computer investigations with speed and efficiency. Recognized throughout the world as an industry leader, AccessData delivers state-of-the-art password cracking, decryption and computer forensic solutions. AccessData's Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®), SilentRunner and Enterprise investigative solutions enable organizations to preview, search for, analyze, process and forensically preserve electronic evidence for the purposes of electronic discovery, internal investigations, incident response, and criminal investigations. AccessData has been the ease-of-use choice of leading law enforcement agencies and those in the corporate industry since its inception in 1987.
AD SilentRunner® enables investigators to answer the difficult question of "What happened?" in the aftermath of a security incident by tackling the complicated tasks of capturing, analyzing and visualizing network data. It is a passive network monitoring solution that visualizes network activity by creating a dynamic picture of communication flows, swiftly uncovering break-in attempts, weaknesses, abnormal usage, policy violations and misuse, and anomalies — before, during and after an incident. Operating like a surveillance camera, SilentRunner can play back events from thousands of communications to validate system threats and investigate security breaches. This dramatically enhances the ability to identify offenders, determine root cause, and mitigate the recurrence of the same security incident.


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